Instrumento Multilateral ratificado por Nueva Zelanda

Sexto país en ratificar el Convenio.

Fiscalia - C.I.F. mayo 23, 2018

Firma Apple acuerdo para pagar crédito fiscal a Irlanda

Se crea un fondo para recuperar paulatinamente 13 mil millones de euros en impuestos.

Fiscalia - C.I.F. mayo 08, 2018

IRS reminds those with foreign assets about U.S. tax obligations

Tax liability for US citizens, resident aliens and those with dual citizenship.

Fiscalia - C.I.F. abril 09, 2018

Instrumento Multilateral ratificado por Eslovenia

Quinto país en ratificarlo. Se da el supuesto de entrada en vigor.

Fiscalia - C.I.F. marzo 02, 2018

Poland: 4th jursidiction to ratify MLI

Step forward in international tax co-operation.

Fiscalia - C.I.F. enero 25, 2018

Panama joins international tax co-operation efforts to end bank secrecy

The country will implement the automatic exchange of financial account information.

Fiscalia - C.I.F. enero 15, 2018

Update to OECD Model Tax Convention released

Download condensed version.

Fiscalia - C.I.F. diciembre 18, 2017


New Applications/Renewals and Certifications and Periodic Reviews.

Fiscalia - C.I.F. diciembre 15, 2017

Further guidance for tax administrations and MNE Groups on CbC reporting

OECD releases guidance on BEPS Action 13.

Fiscalia - C.I.F. noviembre 30, 2017

Mutual Agreement Procedure (MAP) statistics for 2016

Statistics on one of the elements of BEPS Action 14.

Fiscalia - C.I.F. noviembre 27, 2017