Los impuestos en el mundo. Actualización al 31-Oct-2011

Compilación de noticias fiscales de otros países.

Canada Progress Made In Canada-EU FTA Talks Representatives for Canada and the European Union have concluded a 'productive' ninth round of talks toward a free trade agreement, with progress made in the core market access areas of goods, services, investment and government procurement. Canada Consults On Disability Saving Plan Regulations The Canadian government is reviewing the Registered Disability Savings Plan, designed to help ensure the long-term financial security of children with severe disabilities. China Hong Kong Checks On Chinese Support Measures Concluding a trip to Beijing, Hong Kong’s Financial Secretary John Tsang has confirmed that he had held “solid discussions” with relevant bodies in Mainland China to follow up on the policies and measures Vice Premier Li Keqiang set out, in August this year, to support Hong Kong’s development. China Pilots Change From Business Tax To VAT An executive committee meeting of China’s State Council has announced the approval of a pilot scheme to replace the existing business tax on the country’s service sector with the value added tax which is currently imposed on manufacturing companies. EU US Works To Halt EU Air Tax A bipartisan United States Congressional delegation met on October 21 with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regarding US opposition to the emissions trading scheme to be introduced by the European Union. EU To Modify Transparency Directive The European Commission is proposing to modify notification requirements for acquirers when they reach a certain stake in a listed company, reduce burdensome reporting obligations for all listed companies, and simplify accounting rules for small- and medium-sized enterprises, to produce further cost savings for businesses. EU Asks Italy To Comply With VAT Rules Within the programme of the European Commission to ensure that European legislation is fully and properly implemented, it has requested Italy to implement European Union value added tax rules, and to pay due amounts of customs duties to the European budget. Japan Noda Hastens Japanese Decision On TPP Following the approval by the United States of its free trade agreement with South Korea, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda is attempting to accelerate a decision by Japan on whether to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership. UK Diageo Boss Decries UK 50% Tax Chief executive of Diageo, Paul Walsh, has criticized the UK's 50% income tax rate on top earners, stating that the rate was detrimental to Britain’s economy and indicating that his company may relocate to a jurisdiction with less severe taxation. UK To 'Liberate' Small Business The UK's coalition government is reviewing regulation and encouraging changes to tax compliance rules in a bid to 'liberate' small businesses from onerous tax rules and red tape, according to Deputy Prime Minster Nick Clegg. US Obama Signs Trade Pacts US President Barack Obama has signed the implementing legislation for the United States free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama, as well as a bill providing benefits to US workers losing their jobs as a result of freer trade. Cain Tweaks Tax Plan US Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain has altered his proposal for a universal flat rate tax, dubbed the ‘9-9-9 Plan’. US Congress Urged To Pull OECD Funding In a letter released on October 25, the Coalition for Tax Competition asked members of the US Congress to cut the USD100m taxpayer subsidy paid to the Organization for Economic and Cooperation Development, citing the agency's record as an opponent of tax competition. Perry Reveals 'Cut, Balance and Grow' Plan US Presidential candidate, Rick Perry has revealed plans to reform the current tax system stating that, if elected, he will create new jobs and re-invigorate the US economy. US Congress Mulls Territorial Corporate Taxation The House of Representatives Ways and Means Committee Chairman, Dave Camp (R - Michigan) has unveiled more details of his party’s plan for United States international tax reform that would move to a territorial tax system. Boehner Urges US Rethink On Russian WTO Accession Prominant US Republican, and House Speaker John Boehner has called on the US government to review its relationship with Russia in general, and consider leveraging its sway in Russian WTO accession talks to achieve an acceptable compromise for Georgia. US House Passes Contractors Tax Repeal The United States House of Representatives has passed, on a bipartisan basis by a 405-16 vote, the bill to repeal the 3% withholding tax on payments made to government contractors, together with another bill, but only on a 262-157 vote, to provide for its funding through changes to health programmes. Kirk Outlines US Ambitions For Asia-Pac Trade The United States Trade Representative Ron Kirk used a recent speech at the US Chamber of Commerce to emphasize the focus that the Administration is putting on trade relations with the Asia-Pacific, because “that is where the world’s most dynamic economies are expanding rapidly and creating significant opportunities to increase US exports and jobs". Otros temas Slovakia Gives Green Light To Bank Tax Slovakia’s parliament has recently adopted a law providing for the introduction of a bank tax in Slovakia in 2012 after Finance Minister Ivan Miklos confirmed government plans to press ahead with the introduction of a bank tax in Slovakia back in April.

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