FFI FATCA renewal requirement check deadline: October 24

Failing to renew agreement will subject them to a 30% withholding tax.

On September 13 Internal Revenue Service officials urged foreign financial institutions to quickly renew their Foreign Financial Institution (FFI) agreements if required. If an FFI is required to renew its agreement and fails to do so by Oct. 24, 2017, the group will be removed from the November FFI list and will be subject to a 30 percent withholding tax on certain U.S. source payments.  An FFI must determine whether it is required to renew its FFI agreement. The table below is provided to assist FFIs with the determination. If an FFI has determined that it is required to renew, the FFI should log into the FATCA FFI Registration system and click on the link to “Renew FFI Agreement.” The FFI will need to verify, update (if needed), and submit their registration to renew their FFI agreement.

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