Los impuestos en el mundo. Actualización al 18-Sep-2017

Compilación de noticias fiscales de otros países.

Canada Canada Agrees To Exploratory ASEAN Trade Talks Canada and representatives from the ASEAN member states have agreed to launch exploratory discussions to determine the potential for a free trade agreement. Brazil Seeks WTO Mediation In Canadian Subsidies Dispute The Brazilian Government has asked the World Trade Organization to investigate its allegations that Canada is providing trade-distorting subsidies to aircraft manufacturer Bombardier. EU EU Finance Ministers Seek 'Equalization Tax' On Tech MNEs The finance ministers of France, Germany, Italy, and Spain have put their names to a letter proposing a new approach to the taxation of multinational digital companies in the European Union. Japan Japan, Russia Agree New Double Tax Pact The governments of Japan and Russia signed a new convention on the elimination of double taxation on September 7. UK UK Lib Democrats Leader Plugs 'Fairer Tax Code' Vince Cable, the leader of the UK's third-largest political party, the Liberal Democrats, has said that the UK should increase taxes on inheritances and property to tackle wealth inequality. UK Confirms Tax Changes In Second Finance Bill 2017 The UK Government has introduced a second draft of the Finance Bill 2017, with measures reintroduced that were dropped from the shorter first draft owing to the snap election. UK Brewer Wins Landmark Excise Duty Dispute With HMRC The UK's First Tier Tribunal has ruled that the brewers of the lager Carling should be taxed on the basis of the actual measured alcohol proof of the beverage, rather than its advertised potency. Otros temas Taiwan Announces Radical Income Tax Reforms Taiwan has announced plans to hike corporate tax, increase individual income tax relief, and hike withholding tax on dividend payments to non-residents. Otros temas Australian Tax Office Plans TP Probe Of Pharma Sector Senior officers from the Australian Taxation Office are to undertake a broad review of the transfer pricing practices of Australia-based subsidiaries of pharmaceutical companies. Otros temas Think Tank Calculates Cost Of Canadian Carbon Pricing A new report has argued that, by 2025, the impact of a CAD80 (USD66) per tonne carbon tax on the average Canadian household could reach CAD2,000 a year.

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